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Since 1994, BMS Conveyor Belt Cleaners have supplied conveyor belt scraper supported by professional and technical back-up to the bulk handling and mineral extractive industries including quarrying, mining; copper, zinc, gold, diamond etc, cement, fertiliser, power stations, agricultural, as well  as fine and delicate material such as powders, vegetable oils and tobacco. BMS also provide product to original equipment manufacturers (OEM's) and include in the package free scraper selection, cad drawing for all products and full technical support both at the drawing stage and prior to commissioning the plant. BMS also offer on line product support, plus site service contracts to ensure that customers retain the long-term performance of BMS products. We work closely with every customer to provide practical solutions to their cleaning problems in order to achieve long-term savings whilst realising that combating material carry-back is a constant problem for the management (Managers / Engineers) of bulk material  handling plant.

BMS are a leading international supplier of Primary Cleaners, Secondary Cleaners, Return Ploughs and ancillary equipment relating to conveyor belts in many countries around the world. We distribute globally and mainlly throughout Europe, Far East, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Russia and East and West Africa.

Problems with conveyor belt carry back

Product spillage is a not only costly but a significant maintenance and safety concern for all bulk material handling plants. Inefficient belt cleaning causes, material build-up on return idlers, pulleys and other components on the conveyor resulting in unwanted fugitive material piles under each return idler for the full length of each conveyor.  This means costly man-hours in cleanup and added safety risks for workers (MSHA reports that nearly 50 percent of conveyor related accidents occur during carry-back cleanup). Therefore, the installation of an efficient belt cleaner to control material carry-back is a must in today's high capacity bulk material plants.

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